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Ibrahim Sobhi

Solid chest pump last night. Feels so good growing a decent pair of muscle tits, can’t wait to get them bigger and fuller. Love how when i stand in profile i can see them bulging trough my clothes.

Love how big my back and traps look in the mirror too. Can’t wait to fucking get back on a proper bulk cycle in the fall. Wanna do as big as cycle as possible to grow as much as possible.  SUMBIT AND SERVE TO HELP ME GROW. 

 $kype: flexyourpecs


I love bodybuilding

Shoutout to the loyal worshippers out there who know their place and are fulfilling their purpose by serving and worshipping their BODYBUILDER muscle god through tribute.


Robert Alexandru

Eiren Gauley

End of cut photos. July 2017 vs March 2018. Been a long road, taking it easy this week and then next weekend it’s finally time to fucking GROW! Everyone’s been saying I’ve been getting so big but I’ve just been cutting this entire time. Can’t wait to show you guys what happens when I’m ACTUALLY growing.

Neil Andrews

Alexey Forak

Hamid Jalalzade