wowmen: I get home from the gym and immediatel…


I get home from the gym and
immediately take off all my clothes. I go into my shower to wash the dirt of
the day away.  My mind remembers last
night when I walked out to the living room only wearing a pair of very tiny posers, my pumped arms swinging at my side
like a gorilla, my pillow-like pecs held high and jutting out in front of me. I
pressed the “Power” button on my laptop, and activated the webcam. There was a
new message from my Coach.

“Flex for me,” he typed.  I put my magnificent body on display for him.
All of it. I flexed and posed and twisted and turned for him in front of the
camera. I hoped that he would be pleased.

I flexed for him… FLEX …. It felt so good… FLEX …I felt more and more like this
is the person I am supposed to be… FLEX…A beefy, muscular hunk… FLEX … A
bodybuilder with muscles to die for… FLEX …A perfect physique that most men
could only ever dream of achieving… FLEX … my dick swelled as I felt my muscles.  It was hard,
bobbing as I…FLEXED… I pulled my posers off as they couldn’t hold my bloated shaft
any longer…FLEX…

“Very good,” was his response. I felt a deep
satisfaction within myself.  I have made
my muscles bigger for him.  I am a good

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