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Working out like a machine!

Everyone is afraid to go to the gym when they start: will I fit in/do I belong in the gym/what should I do? Then one day you put all that aside and joined. After a few rocky starts, you start learning how to lift and slowly make a few friends. As you go in and pump up, your body starts changing. You fat starts giving way to your growing muscles. As you learn to pump more and more blood into your muscles you keep growing bigger, stronger and more freaky. Soon you hit the gym each day like a machine and you keep growing relentlessly like a weed. Soon you notice the new members are intimidated by you and now you try to be welcoming to the new members. You remember what it was like to be the newbie, but now you are the big guy at the gym and most guys are afraid to even look at you and your godly muscles.

Keep growing, keep pumping up and keep working like a machine!