I’m getting up at 4:30am these next few days to still be able to lift before work despite changes in work schedule. Most of the people around me would just sleep in, sacrificing the gym when life changes up the game a little. But at this point, I’ll bend over backwards before doing that. Anything less seems impossible, at last nowadays.

Everyone has their own hobby or interest that they invest an extra 10% I into. Slowly, bodybuilding and growing is becoming that for me. After all, without brute dedication, it’s not bodybuilding, just staying #fit.

@bigwoofmuchbark this is my issue: “Most of the people around me would just sleep in, sacrificing the gym when life changes up the game a little.” This is what reads as condescending. It’s completely unnecessary. It’s absolutely asinine. Why even comment on what others might be doing? Why even compare? Focus on the mundane if that’s what you want, but know that you will never be anything more than mundane by doing so. It makes this blog, and everything his fans and himself love about it, look look like an absolute farce. It’s so frustrating seeing people masturabte to their own neurosis, claiming insecurity, wearing it like a badge, but posting 3+ selfies a day. It will not produce success. It will not produce the happiness he seeks. Running your mouth so much, babbling about roids and aspirations of growth, like so many growth tumblers do without ever producing much change, is a temporary fix to feel satisfied. Be quiet and just do the work and you will find personal happiness in your own success rather than depending on the attention and validation of others. Talk is an excuse to not go farther, and it makes all the claims about growth seem like absolute bullshit, which sucks because people are feeding into it and celebrating it when people are out there actually doing this, fighting more challenging obstacles to achieve the same goal.

I bodybuild as well, I put in the effort too, I know what it’s like to live that lifestyle, i understand the benefits and lessons bodybuilding can teach you and how they trickle into other aspects of your life. Celebrate your own achievements, but to boast about, or even think it’s worth mentioning, or reason for celebration because you set an alarm for 4 AM is absolutely riddiculous. Bodybuilding is a hugely popular sport right now. Tons of men and women wake up at that time, and earlier, and make greater sacrifices that they don’t even mention and succeed. Why? Because it’s not worth it. It’s a personal hobby. It’s a personal choice. By all means go for it, reach for your goals but bottom line – no one is forcing you to do this. Do not compare yourself to others or even imply any kind of glorification or superiority just because you’re so self satisfied with your own mundande efforts.

And yes, this is attilan-rising speaking.