wowmen: caesarwv:Jonathan was sneaking in a selfie in the gym…



Jonathan was sneaking in a selfie in the gym restroom when a stranger walked in on him. Jonathan was embarrassed. His friends teased and called him a narcissist. “Sending a shot to my girl,” Jonathan found himself making an excess. The man laughed, “bet the ladies love those abs.” “Yeah,” Jonathan laugh. He checked himself in the mirror and flexed. “You have a great body,” the man moved behind him. “You should be proud of it. A body like yours need to be shown off.” “Yeah,” Jonathan listened to the stranger as he flexed in the mirror. “You work hard for that body. You deserved to be admired.” The man’s voice was so calming as Jonathan listen and flexed. The man was right, Jonathan thought. He watched in the mirror as the man wrapped his hands around his chisel waist. The man’s fingers traced his brick like 8pack. He felt the man’s crotch pressing against his muscular ass. “I’m straight,” Jonathan whispered while finding himself flexing for the man. He was so confused and it was so hard to think. “Women don’t appreciate how beautiful those thick muscles are and how hard you work for them.” Jonathan was so absorbed watching himself in the mirror, flexing as his admirer traced and felt his hard muscles. “Yes,” Jonathan whispered. He watched as the man slide his shorts down. He stood in the short underarmour spandex boxerbriefs. “Look at those legs. You spent hours and days training them,” the man moved his hands down to the massive thighs. Jonathan instinctively flexed his quads. “Beautiful,” the man whispered into his ear. Jonathan’s cock harden as his ego was stroked. The man prey upon the narcissistic ego. He knew Jonathan’s subconsciously need the attention and admiration of other men, even if he doesn’t realize it. Jonathan felt so good as the man worshipped him. Hands stroking his body and ego. He was so absorbed that he offer no resistance as the boxerbriefs were peeled down over his large ass. He always been proud of his ass. Thousands of heavy squats low to the ground created a perfect ass. He flexed them in the mirror to show off the smooth flawless glutes to the stranger. His cock was so hard even as the man spread his ass cheeks. “Such an ass need to be worshipped, made love to, to be fucked,” the man whispered, his tongue licked Jonathan’s ear. “Fuck my ass?” Jonathan felt so confused. He was straight but it felt so good. “Yes, you created the perfect body that need to be worshipped. The ultimate worship for a muscle god like you is to fuck him.” “Worship my body,” Jonathan moaned as the stranger pushed a finger into his tight hole. He was breathing hard as the man kissed his thick neck while rubbing his nipples with one hand and working his virgin pussy with another. Jonathan stared into the mirror. He reached down and started to jack his own cock. “Just surrender, let me fuck you like the muscle God you are.” “Yes, fuck me!” Jonathan moaned.

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